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Inside the NBA Reacts To LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart Scuffle in Lakers vs. Pistons Game | NBA on TNT

Published on Nov 23, 2021
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  • Josh Mac

    Josh Mac

    18 hours ago

    Stewart acted like a lion who just escaped the zoo and Shaq says he's supposed to act like that😂

  • William Mieses

    William Mieses

    19 hours ago

    Lebum wanted to hit this guy its common sense it's clearly seen in the video clip. But again the other player ain't no scrub. You disrespected this man thinking that well I am James and I can get away with whatever. He didn't see what was coming next. Stand up for yourself big man. Lebron is a punk!

  • chabco


    Day ago

    kenny always with the weakest take and the loudest

  • Ben Frazier

    Ben Frazier

    Day ago

    Shaq so 💯 😂 luv it

  • w Blagg

    w Blagg

    Day ago

    I feel Reggie and Shaq connection to “no Matter how long u wait” lol
    And them boys went in the back!

  • Rheper


    Day ago

    Isaiah wanted absolutely no smoke he was in brons face and didn’t want to issue

  • Matthias de Bruin

    Matthias de Bruin

    2 days ago

    Where's Chuck?

  • Nevin Caulfield

    Nevin Caulfield

    2 days ago

    Charles Oak was a G! What a bad influence on me lol

  • bon2yan88


    2 days ago


  • dennis grammer

    dennis grammer

    2 days ago

    He didn’t wait just to wait. They were gonna hold him back. He just acted like it was cool until they let him go. Then he went after Lebron. I wish he would have smashed Lebrons Trachea.

  • Basic Truth

    Basic Truth

    2 days ago

    Kenny is just S-O-F-T!!!!

  • NidgeOCE


    2 days ago

    I like their take here, what they said makes sense. LeBron either way is a coward.

  • Francois Langevin

    Francois Langevin

    2 days ago

    Shaq was about to hit 3 points

  • Pawel g

    Pawel g

    2 days ago

    Shaq why you always interrupting

  • D'Andre Graves

    D'Andre Graves

    2 days ago

    I strongly agree with Shaq



    2 days ago

    "No one makes me Bleed my own Blood“

  • Preston Dolman

    Preston Dolman

    3 days ago

    Wow this show loses so much air when chucks not around, no clue who the Yes Man at the end was but he's the absolute worst kinda guy they can bring in, someone who just agrees with Shaq and Kenny.
    Chuck leaving puts Inside on life support and Ernie leaving flat lines it.

  • Dilomski


    3 days ago

    Wheres Chuck?!

  • Curlyfriesdelicious


    3 days ago

    Lebron did it on purpose stop babying him

  • Andrew Voyer

    Andrew Voyer

    3 days ago

    Why is the NBA so apologetic for LeBron? It was totally on purpose and intentional. LeBron has been dirty his whole career.

  • Virtual reality Fitness

    Virtual reality Fitness

    3 days ago

    Lebron will never be on Larry’s level!

  • Ludovic Breixo

    Ludovic Breixo

    3 days ago

    Look how dead the atmosphere is without Charles Barkley. Kenny should be kissing Chucks feet for making him relevant.

  • William Lehtola

    William Lehtola

    3 days ago

    Ya what Shaq said

  • Jaxson Brim

    Jaxson Brim

    3 days ago

    Tasted the blood? Maaaaan stop. If he wanted to do something, he was face to face with LeBron before the extra. The way he acted, when he see LeBron, it need to be on sight and that ain't happening



    3 days ago

    Shaq is a real one. I wish Charles was there for this debate because he would 1000 percent have agreed with shaq

  • Ed Ahmed

    Ed Ahmed

    3 days ago

    Reggie hit it spot on

  • Roy Brooks

    Roy Brooks

    3 days ago

    Also concussion it was a head shot
    I seen fighters go black after getting hit dropped knock out etc ..

  • OG Kilogramspam

    OG Kilogramspam

    3 days ago

    Please STRONG consideration having MVP Kevin Hart back on show permanently

  • Jenna Tolls

    Jenna Tolls

    3 days ago

    Shut up Kenny

  • Metallica Fan

    Metallica Fan

    3 days ago

    Fact is dude was face to face with LeBron and done nothing. Got crazy when people were between them. Didn't want none or he'd have got some. He had the chance

  • Deboura Chambers

    Deboura Chambers

    3 days ago

    Apart from Shaq ...""WHAT A BUNCH OF PUZZYS " BETA MANZ

  • Chayam chris yarashala

    Chayam chris yarashala

    3 days ago

    Yeah he didn't push embid facts

  • Daydrain008


    3 days ago

    He’s blood in, my boy lebron say sorry what else do you want? How about a one on one boxing match y’all? Let’s do it before the year is over

  • Charles Organ

    Charles Organ

    3 days ago

    I want to see James and Stewart in the cage

  • Shut up

    Shut up

    3 days ago

    Kenny talk too much without saying anything of substance 😂

  • Enlil


    3 days ago

    Proof he was never nowhere near GOAT.

  • T. Live

    T. Live

    3 days ago


  • TQ⁹⁰


    3 days ago

    Agree with Shaq

  • Andrew Pogue

    Andrew Pogue

    3 days ago

    They gotta stop talking over Reggie 😭

  • Adventurous Loner

    Adventurous Loner

    3 days ago

    Shaq, stays ready to fight 🤜🤛😂😂

  • Tiona Small

    Tiona Small

    3 days ago

    Diesel a real one

  • Edylfonso Montano

    Edylfonso Montano

    3 days ago

    I agree with Shaq and Reggie.

  • Quirkasaurus Saurus

    Quirkasaurus Saurus

    3 days ago

    Reggie Miller is wrong on multiple levels. First of all, intent is irrelevant; so forget that. 2ndly, it was intentional. Lebron knew where Isaiah's head was because his ELBOW was being jammed into his ribs. what did lebron think? that his 3 foot long arm wasn't long enough to traverse the 16 inches of Stewart's upper arm?
    2ndly, it's time to recognize: Isaiah Stewart (a) is a very dirty player. this is NOT his first dust-up with high profile players. and (b) Detroit is an idiot for playing an albeit, very strong, 6'5" man at center - - - honestly, he's a dwarf standing next to Lebron, who is 6'8" and every bit as strong. He has NO shot at boxing him out legally. (c) play the man at the 3 or 4 where he belongs and find a few decent 7 footer types, or 6'10" types. you need someone who can get a rebound without tackling people. and 3-10?!?! after getting the 1st pick in the draft?! and you got a point guard?! when you have about 10 on your roster who are all pretty decent?! the fact is: Detroit is a not 1 superstar away from greatness. How'd that Tobias Harris trade work out? Are you trying to be below average, Detroit?

  • BFitness !

    BFitness !

    3 days ago

    Nobody makes me bleed my own blood😂 like dude from dodgeball

  • Donald Goldman

    Donald Goldman

    3 days ago

    People confuse strong and tough.
    LeBron is strong. LeBron's not tough.

  • GloriaBeauty5000


    4 days ago

    This woke me up! I ain't seen no fights like this since Kobe and Reggie😇❤❤❤❤

  • Christopher Adam

    Christopher Adam

    4 days ago

    The Palace doesnt exist anymore.

  • Ryan Sally

    Ryan Sally

    4 days ago

    Shaq keeps it a 100 all the time 💪

    • eurp91


      3 days ago

      Barkley's better.

  • Adrian Perez

    Adrian Perez

    4 days ago

    shaq is an iconic figure man. as an nba freak, Dude keeps it real. legend on the court, becoming a legendary tv personality

  • Kahn


    4 days ago

    Shaq 100% right

  • J Sample

    J Sample

    4 days ago

    Kenny from the suburbs

  • Tantei Gema

    Tantei Gema

    4 days ago

    Is it me or Beef Stew stopped once he saw Deandre Jordan blocking the path.

  • A Bc

    A Bc

    4 days ago

    LeBron gonna be on ice now cuz u know someone is gonna get his A back

  • Roger C

    Roger C

    4 days ago

    Hey Guys,nobody gives a f*ck about the NBA

  • AnimeGirl 8792

    AnimeGirl 8792

    4 days ago

    A lot of Blood out of nowhere can cause shock, black out lost of vision and radio sound for a bit. I had accidentally cut my finger before and that happen

  • T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance

    4 days ago

    Hello, Humans.
    It costs almost $290,000 per year in fees to run a hot dog cart near the Central Park Zoo in New York City. This does not include cart incurred costs.

  • Jay Anderson

    Jay Anderson

    4 days ago

    Very different reaction vs. the likes of Shannon Sharpe and Nick Wright who are LeBron lovers. These guys call it down the right way.

    • eurp91


      2 days ago

      @Jay Anderson what?

    • Jay Anderson

      Jay Anderson

      3 days ago

      @eurp91 disagree like no other

    • eurp91


      3 days ago

      Sharpe is the biggest tool in sports commentary, PERIOD. He's mentally 15 years old.

  • stenbak88


    4 days ago

    Shaw gets it right again

  • blue


    4 days ago


  • deppresed onion

    deppresed onion

    4 days ago

    Where is chuck when u need him .

  • [Frankie]-C0me 0ver L!ve

    [Frankie]-C0me 0ver L!ve

    4 days ago

    You see how difficult it was to restrain Isaiah Stewart? Imagine trying to hold back Lakers Shaq

  • Matt Ellison

    Matt Ellison

    4 days ago

    Shaq always keeps it 💯

  • SmooveOvaEast


    4 days ago

    Jamal Crowford Voice don't match his face

  • Lame Fart

    Lame Fart

    4 days ago

    Isaiah "Rambo" Stewart.
    "He drew first blood!"
    Shaq saying Oaks and other enforcers meet at the back for that post-game game.. 🤣

  • Mr.Youtube


    4 days ago


  • Mike Spencer

    Mike Spencer

    4 days ago

    Were these four guys all raised by their single momma's?? They're all yelling at once like a bunch of women.

  • [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

    [Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam

    4 days ago

    Reggie always speaks facts. He's one of the former players turned media member I actually like to hear talk

  • Andrew McCabe

    Andrew McCabe

    4 days ago

    Shaq Aristotle!
    The philosophiser is a word. Great commercial for Points bet app in Australia. Great to see the big guy with some
    aussie sense of humour. A quaddy in the last at Dapto (greyhounds) Genius.

  • Rashawn Fredricks

    Rashawn Fredricks

    4 days ago

    LeCon is PHONY AF❗😒🙄

  • Kevin Durant

    Kevin Durant

    4 days ago

    Stewart getting mad after he started bleeding reminded me of Gaara in OG Naruto going crazy after he saw his own blood for the first time.

  • Jack Hicks

    Jack Hicks

    4 days ago

    Jamal Crawford like opening a window to a cool, thoughtful, intelligent, smooth breeze.

  • iDinDuNuffin


    4 days ago

    Cuz lebron is a child, and shaq don’t really like him.

  • Tiffiney Ena

    Tiffiney Ena

    4 days ago

    I agree with everything Reggie Miller said. Aside from this incident, Reggie Miller sounds just like Barak Obama. Lol!😁

  • L B

    L B

    4 days ago

    I say the NBA takes the NHL's approach and allows fighting

    • Theoren Tenerife

      Theoren Tenerife

      4 days ago

      There is a reason why fights are allowed in hockey. Pretty much less blood whenever a fight happens.

  • L B

    L B

    4 days ago

    Imagine if the basketball world followed hockey. They could talk about games for days!!

    • L B

      L B

      4 days ago

      This situation literally happens every faceoff...

  • Haris Delic

    Haris Delic

    4 days ago

    nothing better than fast forwarding when kenny talks

  • Tou Her

    Tou Her

    4 days ago

    Why does Reggie keep mentioning the blood when Kenny is talking about after the blood smh. Kenny is saying that even after tasting the blood he was fine walking towards the locker room, then ran back to attack

  • Theresa Shaw

    Theresa Shaw

    4 days ago

    No . He needed stitches . No sr no mam .

    • eurp91


      3 days ago


  • matt carroll

    matt carroll

    4 days ago

    Kenny ain't breaking out of a tackle with 2 fairies

  • thetramp123


    4 days ago

    This discussion needs Chuck.

  • TimeBucks


    4 days ago

    Reggie Miller is very intelligent.

    • Chrispy


      Day ago

      Like seeing him and Charles and kenny like during the all star competitions good content

    • Nigga with Swagga

      Nigga with Swagga

      3 days ago

      He seems like very nice and humble guy. They should invite him more on the show.

  • Mr Danny DIY

    Mr Danny DIY

    4 days ago

    where is chuck?

  • Scott W

    Scott W

    4 days ago

    LeBron is such a dirty player. The refs typically cater to him

  • Luralene D Tapahe

    Luralene D Tapahe

    4 days ago

    Shaq’s 2 fingers! i cant . . .

  • Jay


    4 days ago

    Isn't the same without Chuck - just saying

  • Black Death

    Black Death

    4 days ago

    Isaiah Stewart if he punches Lebron hahahahahahahaaha. he would have retired on that day. hahahahaha. see how scrared lebron is.that how he is in hes whole carrier. Isaiah Stewart should be the GOAT because of this.

    • Kyle


      4 days ago

      What clip did you watch where lebron looked scared? Pretty sure everyone and their mother got between them

  • Gawd SZN

    Gawd SZN

    4 days ago

    somebody hit u hit em back it can be tomorrow just get em back

  • Justin Hensley

    Justin Hensley

    4 days ago

    If this was the NHL it would have been a 5 on 5 brawl

  • David Zinram

    David Zinram

    4 days ago

    As a neutral perspective here. That was completely intentional. No questions. Should be 3 game suspension at the very least.

  • Abell Seyfu

    Abell Seyfu

    4 days ago

    One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal 🎈

  • Slim Dummie

    Slim Dummie

    4 days ago

    Naw Mann, Stewart didn't Hype Up until Lebron's Teammates try to G' Up !

  • Micky Lawless

    Micky Lawless

    4 days ago

    Stewart would have lasted less than one season back in the '70's-'80's! Players got mugged back in the day. Laimbeer would have crushed him. Charles Oakley would have made him run home.

  • John Butler

    John Butler

    4 days ago

    The drama queen James has always been a dirty player, whiner, and cheater. Oh no Reggie - it was intentional.

  • Truth BeTold

    Truth BeTold

    4 days ago

    “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood”……

  • Kevin servHis

    Kevin servHis

    4 days ago

    It's the thing that triggers ALL the other suppressed all comes out.

  • True Vibration

    True Vibration

    4 days ago

    Wow crt

  • Airborne Joe

    Airborne Joe

    4 days ago

    "until he tasted blood, then he went rambo" ........hahahahaha

  • R C

    R C

    4 days ago

    Kenny don’t get it. When goons get ready, it’s time. That’s it.